A Cappella.


We’re the Treblemakers, an award-winning co-ed a cappella group at Carnegie Mellon. Founded in 2010, we’ve quickly grown into a musical force to be reckoned with. We host CMU’s Almost Midnight A Cappella Concert every spring and regularly compete in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. Two years ago we won Second Place and Outstanding Vocal Percussion at quarterfinals and went on to compete in the semifinals in Buffalo, NY, and last year we won First Place and Outstanding Solo in quarterfinals and went on to compete in the semifinals again! This year we won third place at quarterfinals, and we're gearing up to perform at the Boston Sings A Cappella Festival.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most fun loving groups on campus, and we push ourselves to be the best we can be. At heart, we’re a close knit group of friends who love to share our passion with each other and our community. The Treblemakers is a group for all kinds of singers and all styles of music, and we work together to bring our visions to life. We love new friends, so if you’re interested in singing with us, want us to perform for you, or have any questions, just let us know. We’d love to make Treble with you!


10:00 PM

Almost Midnight A Cappella (Spring)

Every spring, we host Almost Midnight A Cappella, a concert held during the middle of finals week (though don't worry, you'll be exam free the next day). Take a break from studying, bring your friends, and enjoy the music!


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Stephen Tao

Business & Entertainment 2024
President & Vocal Percussion

Eliot Herron

Dramaturgy 2025
Vice President & Soprano

Trey DuBose

Computer Science 2025
Music Director & Baritone

Emily Song

Computer Science 2025
Secretary & Alto

Deepti Kumar

Business Administration 2024
Financier & Alto

Lue Lin

Information Systems 2026
Technical Director & Bass

Kristina Martinez

MechE & BME 2026
Social Chair & Soprano

Chase Crandall

Cognitive Science 2027
Assistant Music Director & Tenor

Cordy Pride

MechE & ECE 2026
Choreographer & Soprano

Claire Chen

MechE & EPP 2024

Malaika Alphons

ChemE & BME 2024

Aiden Dowd

ECE 2025

Tjun Jet Ong

ECE 2025

Nina Tripathi

ECE & BME 2025

Andres Herrera

ECE 2026

Quincy Mangi

Public Policy 2026


  • Paul Miller
  • Phil Bailey
  • Bridget McCoy
  • Andrew Orobator
  • Alex Petti
  • Jonathan Touchette
  • Eleanor Haglund
  • Feyi Quadri
  • Adam Simpson
  • Thomson Yeh
  • Allison Anderson
  • Kate Borst
  • Reagan Henke
  • Sage Yort
  • Don Zheng
  • Russell Henry Holbert
  • Dani Joseph
  • Zachary Herman
  • Julia Napolitano
  • Doyee Byun
  • DaVonne Henry
  • Derek Brown
  • Andrew Abrahamsen
  • Alyssa Vieau
  • Krishna Raman
  • Elizabeth Elrod
  • Drew Moses
  • Daniel Brennan
  • Ambika Chetal
  • Lauren Wholey
  • Connor Maggio
  • Avanti Pandit
  • Amy Liu
  • Brandon Li
  • Taylor Baer
  • Susanna Hur
  • Jon Goodstein
  • Ashwin Konkimalla
  • Ashwin Godura
  • Namita Rao
  • Hannah Hong
  • Ningning Yang
  • Rohan Dhesikan
  • Roger Lacson


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